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Join Martynas Valkunas for an in-depth discussion in this video, Logging and monitoring, part of Microsoft Azure Security Center: Securing Cloud Resources. Airflow can be configured to read and write task logs in Azure Blob Storage. It uses an existing Airflow connection to read or write logs. Create an Elasticsearch resource in the Azure portal. Ingest Azure platform logs using the native integration and view those logs in Kibana.

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Create and maintain Azure Activity log sources · From the Deployments page, click the deployment for which you want to create an Activity log collection source. Connect Azure Log Analytics log service to get updates about operations performed on your connector(s). VMware Tanzu developers and operators can then view and analyze their application logs and health metrics through the OMS portal or the Azure portal. Key.

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Installed Azure Log Integration from the installer · Post-installation and validation steps · Integrate Windows VM Logs · Integrate Azure activity logs. The Storage Blob service provides scalable, cost-efficient objective storage in the Azure cloud. Storage logging is performed server-side and allows details for. There is a number of buoys in the ocean with IoT Edge devices sending the surface temperature to Azure Cloud. The telemetry data with the temperature is pre-.