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Radiation Therapy Side Effects · Radiation therapy to the head and neck may cause dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, mouth and gum sores, or stiffness in the jaw. Depending on the part of your body is being treated with radiation, you may also have the following side effects: · Diarrhea · Hair loss in the treatment area. Radiation Therapy: About this Treatment · Fatigue · Nausea or vomiting · Loose or frequent stools, diarrhea · Trouble swallowing · Skin changes: may be red, itchy.

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Managing radiation therapy side effects · How long side effects may last · Fatigue · Skin changes · Hair loss · Mouth and throat problems · Appetite loss and nausea. Common side effects of radiation therapy include fatigue, skin changes and some loss of appetite. Here are some tips to minimize the side effects. Patients at IGRT often experience little or no side effects from radiation therapy and are able to continue their normal routines. The side effect most.

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Breast radiation. The two side effects that most often affect patients undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer are fatigue and skin changes. The skin may. Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that uses high-energy waves to damage or destroy cancer cells. The waves stop cancer cells from growing and making. Side effects of radiotherapy include skin reactions, breast swelling and tiredness. Find out more about radiotherapy side effects.