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MS in Hospitality Management - Specialization in Mega & Large Scale Events Management for Hospitality and Tourism: 3; Graduate Practicum: 3; Event. Cultural Events Management MSc Explore the connections between culture, business and management in the dynamic and expanding industry surrounding cultural. 50 Masters Programs in Event Management. Scroll to programs. $arrow_down Online Masters Degree in Creative Events Management.

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The Graduate Certificate in Event Management provides students with the knowledge and information that facilitates the effective organization and management. Find your dream event management program in USA. What are the top Event Management Graduate programs in the USA? Master's; Diploma. The MSc in Strategic Event Management & Tourism Management gives students the tools, knowledge and attitudes to succeed in business event​s and tourism.

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Business Event Management allows you a unique chance to study for a Post-graduate Masters degree for a dynamic industry. The MS in Event Management provides the business and organizational skills and builds the planning and event marketing abilities needed to envision, produce. Master of Science in Management - Hospitality & Event Management. Plan and execute dynamic events from small scale meetings to mega-events.